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Addicted To Murder - Mikaela Sitford

Addicted To Murder - Mikaela Sitford

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It was one of the most sensational murder trials of modern times. Could Dr Harold Shipman, a well-loved Tameside GP, have murdered fifteen women in his care? Had the people of Hyde been treated by Britain's biggest ever serial killer? And how many more did he kill? This gripping, horrifying read covers the whole story, from his birth to his eventual conviction.

  • How Dr Shipman was able to get away with these crimes for so long
  • The events in his background that led to cold-blooded murder
  • The inside account - in a world exclusive - of an earlier police investigation that failed to bring Shipman to justice

Written by two investigative journalists who have covered the case from the start, this book tells the story of the trial of Dr Harold Shipman, who has been found guilty of killing 15 women in his care.

Mikaela Sitford won the BT North West Journalist of the Year and BT Regional Daily Journalist of the Year awards for her coverage of the Shipman story in the Manchester Evening News. She was the journalist responsible for breaking the story to the world.

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