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Analog 8 - John Wood Campbell Jr.

Analog 8 - John Wood Campbell Jr.

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A collection of Science Fiction featuring short stories by:

Hawk Among the Sparrows - (1968) - novella by Dean McLaughlin
The Powers of Observation - (1968) - shortstory by Harry Harrison
In His Image - (1969) - novelette by Rob Chilson
Jump - (1969) - shortstory by Bill Earls
Gottlos - (1969) - novelette by Colin Kapp
The Hidden Ears - (1969) - shortstory by Lawrence A. Perkins
Womb to Tomb - (1969) - shortstory by Joseph Wesley
Testing ... One, Two, Three, Four - (1969) - shortstory by Stepan Chapman
Winkin, Blinkin and πR² - (1968) - shortstory by R. C. FitzPatric

Edited by  John Wood Campbell Jr.  an American science fiction writer and editor. He was editor of Astounding Science Fiction (later called Analog Science Fiction and Fact) from late 1937 until his death and was part of the Golden Age of Science Fiction. Campbell wrote super-science space opera under his own name and stories under his primary pseudonym, Don A. Stuart.

Campbell also used the pen names Karl Van Kampen and Arthur McCann. His novella Who Goes There? was adapted as the films The Thing from Another World (1951), The Thing (1982), and The Thing (2011).

Hardcover, some wear to the dust cover.

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