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And Graves Give Up Their Dead - Frederick Pickersgil

And Graves Give Up Their Dead - Frederick Pickersgil

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Maybe you yearn for the frankly horrific?  In which case you will enjoy MISS GIENTILBELLE who has some curious ideas about her son and his pets. Find out what happened to the man's wife when she went off on a train journey. But for those tougher. take-anything readers. the story to tackle is GIRL OF MY DREAMS
Ten stories of horror and the super-natural. including some real shudders by Charles Beaumont. Richard Matheson. Roald Dahl. and others.

William Link & William Levinson - Top Flight Aquarium
Gerald Bullett - the Elder
Roald Dahl - Royal Jelly
Charles Beaumont - Miss Gentilbelle
Richard Matheson - Girl Of My Dreams
Ambrose Birece - an Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
Robert Arthur - Death Is A Dream
Richard Davis - the Female Of The Species
John Collier - De Mortius
Wilbur Daniel Steele - Footfalls

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