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Art, Artists And Art Education - Kenneth M Lansing

Art, Artists And Art Education - Kenneth M Lansing

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"This unique book represents a blend of the philosophical and practical aspects of art education. It reflects the author's belief that efficient, responsible instruction in art depends upon the existence of a reasonable point of view about the nature and value of art, and the nature of the artist and the student. Consequently, the first half of the text is devoted to developing aesthetic criteria - in the author's words, to discovering "a sense of mystery and excitement that can be found in art education".

Using the nature of art and artists as the basis for determining practical methods of instruction, Dr. Lansing goes on to describe, in behavioristic terms, the objectives of art education, suitable teaching processes, and a recommended curriculum. Specific artistic activities are described for each grade level from nursery school through junior high school. Hence, the classroom teacher does not have to guess about the appropriateness of a given activity for his grade. Additional features of the text include one chapter devoted to new methods of evaluation and reporting to parents and another to the need for more effective research.

There is also a comprehensive chapter on supervision that covers curriculum planning, personnel relationships and in-service education, managing equipment and supplies, professional obligations, and public relations. The text opens with a challenging introduction which realistically appraises not only the favorable aspects of teaching but its problems and frustrations as well." -- dust jacket

Some penciled notes throughout the book. 

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