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Assassination In Our Time - Sandy Lesberg

Assassination In Our Time - Sandy Lesberg

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A definitive pictorial study of the major assassinations of the 20th Century. The untimely death of 20 figures literally changed the course of history they include Archduke Francis Ferdinand, Rasputin, Leon Trotsky, Mahatma Gandhi, JFK, Malcolm X, Che Guevara, Martin Luther King, John F. & Robert F. Kennedy. 

Lesberg argues that assassination is not just an act of violence against an individual, but also an attack on the ideals and values that person represents. The assassination of a political leader or activist can have a profound impact on a society, creating a sense of fear and instability. Lesberg also examines the role of conspiracy theories in shaping public perception of assassinations, noting that these theories can often be driven by a desire to find meaning and purpose in senseless acts of violence.

Throughout the book, Lesberg emphasizes the need for society to examine the root causes of political violence and address the underlying issues that lead to these events. He also highlights the importance of protecting political leaders and activists from harm, both through physical security measures and by creating a culture that values and respects political diversity.

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