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Boy's Own: The Complete Fanzines 1986-92

Boy's Own: The Complete Fanzines 1986-92

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Contains every single issue of the Boy’s Own fanzine faithfully reprinted over a bumper 440-plus pages. Boy's Own was a fanzine started by a group of young clubbers in 1986 that then became a Record Label in 1990.

A satirical fanzine that traced a unique link between football terraces, dance floors, youth fashion and the picket line. It was inspired by a similar fanzine by Liverpool Football Fans called the End which was edited by future singer of The Farm, Peter Hooton.

The Boys Own crew, consisted of Terry Farley, Andrew Weatherall, Cymon Eckel and Steven Hall, through their connections with Paul Oakenfold him were invited to the early acid house club nights that Oakenfold was put on in London.

As they began to become more involved in clubbing, the fanzine began to cover the nascent scene, becoming its key chronicler and influencing a wave of similar fanzines across the country. In 1988 they began hosting their own outdoor raves and in 1990 they formed Boy's Own Recordings (1990–1993)with London Records/FFRR.

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