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Bubbles 3

Bubbles 3

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An independent fanzine about comics & manga, chock-full of interviews, original comics & more, edited by Brian Baynes. A great intersection of under & aboveground comics and manga. Bubbles rocks!

Issue #3 - July 2019

- Letters page
- Comics in my mailbox, art by Mike Taylor
- Ryan Holmberg Interview, we talk about his history, process and future as a manga translator
- Bob Lewis Interview, I talk with Richmond legend about comic collecting and the old days of fandom
- Tetsunori Tawaraya Interview, chatting with the sci-fi risograph master
- Brian Blomerth interview, talking about his new book Bicycle Day
- How to order from Mandarake
- Ebay finds
- Comic book reviews by me and Jeff Alford
- Essay by M. Thomas Inge
- Original art by Archie Fitzgerald and Barrnishh

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