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Cannibal Killers - Peter Haning

Cannibal Killers - Peter Haning

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"Cannibal Killers" is a comprehensive study of the terrible phenomenon of the human flesh eater. Far from being the speciality of obscure tribes in the distant jungles, the cannibals are uncomfortably close to home.

The cities of America and Europe, the provinces of revolutionary China, the 'Fatal Shore' of colonized Australia and the open lifeboats of a wrecked ship all yield up grisly tales of forbidden meat.

The cases covered in this chilling collection include: Armin Meiwes, the internet sex cannibal, by his own account the first predator ever to consume a consenting victim; Ed Gein, the original 'Psycho', whose butchery sent a chill through the heart of America; Jeffrey Dahmer, the zombie-obsessed necrophiliac whose killing spree lasted thirteen years; Daniel and Manuela Ruda, vampiric soulmates who swore that they were the tools of the devil; and, Issei Sagawa, the diminutive Japanese student whose obsession with cannibalism found horrible expression in the murder of his only friend.

Book has been well read. 

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