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Colony: Earth - Richard Mooney

Colony: Earth - Richard Mooney

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MAN'S UNEARTHLY ORIGINS - A SHATTERING NEW PERSPECTIVE ON HUMAN HISTORY Too many mysteries about Man's origins are unexplained by current theory.

In this entertaining, fascinating and highly provocative book, Richard Mooney puts forward some startling ideas: What was the great catastrophe that the Bible calls the 'Flood'?Are Egyptian pyramids giant air-raid shelters? Where the bearded 'White Gods' of the Incas survivors from a catastrophe across the Atlantic? Where the giant stone monuments of antiquity built with the aid of high explosives? Drawing on exhaustive research in old records, among archaeological studies and scientific and religious writings, Richard Mooney concludes that the extraordinary feats of mathematics, astronomy and building in ancient times indicate that Mankind originated from elsewhere in the Universe.

For those readers impatient with the gaps in traditional science and theology, dissatisfied with both divine creation and evolutionary theory, Richard Mooney offers a radical hypothesis... followers of von Daniken and Velikovsky will take it in their stride

Richard Mooney's book Colony Earth has to do with the "ancient astronaut" concept- the idea that aliens came to Earth in ancient times- but with an interesting twist. Namely that us humans are the "aliens".

To be more specific, Mooney speculates that humans didn't originate on Earth but somewhere else, and that we are all descendants on ancient starfaring humans who colonised Earth.

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