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Cosmic Religion: A Cosmocentric Perspective On Intelligent Life - Thomas J. Kardos

Cosmic Religion: A Cosmocentric Perspective On Intelligent Life - Thomas J. Kardos

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The purpose of this book is no less than to unite the world’s major religions. Starting from their likely origin in human culture on this planet, influenced by off-planet intelligences and interventions, we aim to take the reader through new age worldviews and pantheistic thinking to arrive at a united philosophy that is reasonable even for atheists. Bringing together the scientific, engineering, religious and historical perspectives, these writings take the insatiably curious reader to the next step in spiritual evolution, a cosmic perspective that incorporates intelligent life beyond this planet.

The journey toward truth includes a parallel journey at sea on a sailboat from California to Costa Rica to the Galapagos Islands, and how this adventure in nature helps the author refine his spiritual thinking in search for truth. References to other philosophies, religious writings and ancient scrolls are brought together with modern evidence of extraterrestrial visitation on Earth to present a new worldview and paradigm that presents a unified theory. The activity and guidance of extraterrestrial visitors on the planet are discussed, and how this cosmic intelligence has affected our cultures and religions.

Those who enjoy exploration of nature and civilizations will greatly enjoy this book, especially if seeking a scientific perspective on spirituality.

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