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Darkroom - Elenor Lewis

Darkroom - Elenor Lewis

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 Nicely printed, richly illustrated, the book is indispensable for the darkroom artist.

Details techniques, narratives, and specifications including chemistry from thirteen artists in photography: Wynn Bullock, Jerry Burchard, Linda Conner, Larry Clark, Ralph Gibson, Betty Hahn, Eikoh Hosoe, George Krause, Elaine May, Duane Michals, W. Eugene Smith, George Tice, and Jerry Uelsmann.

Even in these digital days it is an excellent, inspiring, and instructional read.

If you are serious about your darkroom work then you must get this book. It has all the secrets from 13 working professional artists!

Everything uncovered from start to finish - why and how they choose their subjects, equipment, darkroom techniques and chemicals. 

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