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Darkside - Dennis Etchison

Darkside - Dennis Etchison

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Featuring an Introduction by Ramsey Campbell.In this modern classic, Doug Carson is living the American dream, with a beautiful wife and three perfect daughters, until a sudden, shocking death plunges them into the nightmare underworld of Los Angeles..." Dennis Etchison's Darkside at last brings him to the forefront of this genre, where he belongs!" - Ray Bradbury

"Nothing I can say about Darkside is worthy of delaying your experience of reading it. It is the work of a writer driven to tell the truth."--from the Introduction by Ramsey Campbell"A biting, almost unbearably grim indictment of the death of life in modern America. It is one of the seminal works of fiction in the eighties."--Michael Morrison

"Dennis Etchison is one of the central writers of modern horror fiction. His work is always absolutely unsettling, grounded in an original vision of American life and expressed in a disjunctive, unexpected manner which insists on pulling the rug out from under the reader's feet--the usual narrative veils are down, and we must face whatever he gives us. Darkside is one of his most satisfying books."--Peter Straub

"Darkside is a gripping tale which unfolds like a Texaco roadmap, keeping the reader from glimpsing the whole picture until the very end....Don't miss it!"--Bob Morrish, The Scream Factory"The finest writer of psychological horror this genre has produced

Minor wear to cover, hole punch on top right.

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