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Dead Reckoning - Dr Michael Baden & Marion Roach

Dead Reckoning - Dr Michael Baden & Marion Roach

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The book is a memoir that focuses on Baden's career as a forensic pathologist and his involvement in high-profile cases such as the deaths of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., and Michael Brown. Baden provides a detailed account of his work as a medical examiner and the methods he used to determine the cause of death in these cases.

Baden also delves into the ethical and political challenges faced by forensic pathologists, including pressure from law enforcement and the media to provide quick and conclusive results in high-profile cases. He highlights the importance of maintaining scientific integrity and independence in the face of these pressures.

Throughout the book, Baden provides fascinating insights into the science of forensic pathology, explaining the processes and techniques used to determine the cause of death in various types of cases. He also discusses the role of forensic pathologists in the criminal justice system and the challenges they face in providing impartial and objective testimony in court.

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