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Death Watch - Elleston Trevor

Death Watch - Elleston Trevor

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"Death Watch" is a suspenseful and thrilling novel written by Elleston Trevor, a British author known for his contributions to the thriller and espionage genres. The book was originally published in 1974.

The story revolves around a chilling premise: an anonymous and sadistic individual, known only as "the Other," starts playing a deadly game with people's lives. The Other chooses seemingly ordinary individuals and manipulates their lives with deadly precision, leading them to a dangerous and life-threatening situation.

As the victims become unwitting players in this lethal game, they are placed under constant surveillance and subjected to a sinister countdown—the death watch—where their fate is decided by the sinister puppet master.

The narrative follows one such victim, a young woman named Sally Anne Bowman, who becomes entangled in the Other's deadly plot. As the story unfolds, Sally must confront her fears and uncover the identity of the mysterious tormentor if she is to have any hope of survival.

"Death Watch" is a gripping and psychological thriller that explores themes of fear, manipulation, and the dark depths of the human psyche. Trevor's skillful storytelling and atmospheric writing create a sense of constant tension and suspense, keeping readers on the edge of their seats.

Throughout the novel, the reader is taken on a harrowing journey as they try to unravel the twisted mind of the Other and understand the motives behind the deadly game. As the plot thickens and the stakes escalate, "Death Watch" becomes an intense and gripping race against time.

Elleston Trevor's masterful blend of psychological suspense and mystery makes "Death Watch" a compelling and memorable read for fans of thrilling and suspenseful literature. It is a testament to Trevor's ability to craft a gripping narrative that keeps readers engrossed until the very last page.
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