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Dirty Tricks Cops Use: (And Why They Use Them) - Bart Rommel

Dirty Tricks Cops Use: (And Why They Use Them) - Bart Rommel

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This book describes some of the illegal tactics and questionable techniques police officers use to increase the chances of obtaining a conviction or to administer punishment to persons they perceive as having committed a crime.

Police officers are outnumbered and restricted by legal mandates in their efforts to counter street-smart gangsters who can often afford highly skilled defense attorneys. Police officers often rationalise that they need an additional "edge" in their fight against crime. Thus, at times they break the rules and use illegal methods to obtain and increase evidence against a suspect they believe to be guilty of a crime.

The 11 chapters address the use of "speed traps," the handling of suspects, search and seizure, the use of informers, the obtaining of confessions, the use of "alibi guns" when police kill a suspect, methods of obtaining evidence, the manipulation of evidence, entrapment, and proactive law enforcement.

Some of the incidents described are the police planting of drugs on a private plane so it can be seized for police department use; the spraying of mace on a suspect's car seat, so that after a few minutes of driving he experiences excruciating pain on his crotch and buttocks; the use of a blank tape at an illegal interrogation, adding the reading of rights to the suspect later; the use of stun guns to torture suspects without leaving marks; vigilante cops conducting an "execution;" police instigation of gang wars to thin out gang members; and the adding of drugs to evidence so as to increase the charge from a misdemeanour to a felony.

Other police practices discussed are the use of illegal wiretaps; the use of snitches; getting search warrants without probable cause; and keeping confiscated drugs, guns, and cash to pay for "dirty business." A 20-item annotated bibliography and a subject index.

Please note that this product is intended for entertainment purposes and should not be taken as a matter of utmost seriousness. It serves as an engaging guide for individuals with an interest in unconventional lifestyle that lies beyond the boundaries of societal norms. It is important to clarify that Rumor Books neither endorses nor supports the violation of any legal statutes, and we strongly discourage individuals from engaging in any unlawful activities. We absolve ourselves of any responsibility for the consequences arising from the actions or decisions made by individuals based on the information provided within this product.
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