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Disenchantment - Paul Ritter

Disenchantment - Paul Ritter

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"Disenchantment" is a collection of essays edited by Paul Ritter and originally published in 1975.

The book examines the notion of disenchantment in contemporary society, exploring the ways in which people have become disenchanted with traditional ideologies, institutions, and values.

The essays in this collection offer a range of perspectives on this theme, with contributions from a diverse group of writers including David Pope, Corinne Kerby, Alex Carey, and Beatrice Faust.

The contents of the book cover a broad range of topics, from the agony of conscience to anti-communism in Australia, the challenge of the sexual revolution, and the anatomy of disenchantment itself.

Through their incisive analyses and thought-provoking arguments, the authors in "Disenchantment" offer a valuable and illuminating perspective on the forces that have shaped modern society and the challenges we face in the present day.

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