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Don't Let Them Psych You Out - George D. Zgourides

Don't Let Them Psych You Out - George D. Zgourides

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Are you tired of feeling like a doormat? We've all had to deal with difficult and manipulative people. The nosy neighbour, the overbearing boss, the relentless relative, the pushy salesperson.

These unscrupulous types always insist on having their way while trying to psych you out We all know them, but do we know how to deal with them? DON'T LET THEM PSYCH YOU OUT can help.

In this classic book, Dr. Zgourides will teach you effective and easy-to-learn psychological self defense techniques for handling arguments, showdowns, ambushes, and other difficult situations.

DON'T LET THEM PSYCH YOU OUT won't make your conflicts go away. But it will give you practical skills for handling difficult people without losing your dignity or your cool. Dr. George Zgourides is a physician, psychologist, and priest with a holistic approach to the complexities of modern life.

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