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Eclipse - Mary Summer Rain

Eclipse - Mary Summer Rain

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Having received thousands of letters over the years since the release of her questions-and-answer book Daybreak, it became clear to Mary Summer Rain that there were still far too many unanswered questions in the minds of her readers. And during those years, too, her own knowledge and spiritual philosophy evolved into one of greater scope and depth. In books such as The Visitation and Fireside, she provided tantalizing glimpses of that natural evolution of thought.

Eclipse is in many ways an attempt to honor readers' concerns and ongoing personal questions on life and spirituality, which are usually prompted by their desire to figure out how the universe works, and how they may individually apply universal truths in their own lives. Eclipse addresses a vast array of subjects--from the feminine principle to sexuality, from Starborn matters to the interconnectedness of all living things as manifested through the Great Web of Life, from the feminine aspects of the Divine Trinity to the spiritual ills of modern society. Mary doesn't claim to have all the answers, and her answers are not always what you'd expect.

In Eclipse, Mary responds to many common and uncommon questions, in the inimitable, straightforward, no-nonsense, and sometimes even exasperated (but always patient) fashion that has been her trademark. What emerges is a consistent philosophy that applies clear logic and spiritual truths to the problems of our age.

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