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Forum: The Australian Journal of interpersonal Relations - V6#11 1978

Forum: The Australian Journal of interpersonal Relations - V6#11 1978

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Forum was started in March 1968 in the UK and featured letters, articles on health, medicine psychology and social relationships. Its subtitle was International Journal of Human Relations. The first American edition of Penthouse Forum was published in 1971 and became the fastest-growing national magazine by 1978. In the 1970s, Forum was one of the most-sold magazines in America. In 1996, Forum had 400,000 subscribers.

The "letters" section of the magazine became popular, resulting in the creation of another Penthouse publication, Penthouse Letters. Many articles feature information on sexual health, feminism and interviews with popular identities. 

Many of the editorial staff and half of the letter writers whose contributions were published were women.

Unlike the original Penthouse magazine, which featured pictorials of nude models, Penthouse Forum emphasizes the written word. It presents a collection of erotic stories, anecdotes, and confessions submitted by readers. These stories explore a wide range of sexual fantasies, experiences, and encounters. The content often includes explicit descriptions and graphic language.

Alastair Campbell, a journalist and Tony Blair's former Director of Communications, was a contributor to the magazine, as was Chad Varah, the founder of The Samaritans charity and an Anglican priest, who was a consultant on sex education for the magazine.

In July 2006 the rights to the UK edition were licensed to Trojan Publishing.

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