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Fugitives - Dramatic Accounts of Life on the Run - Gordon Kerr

Fugitives - Dramatic Accounts of Life on the Run - Gordon Kerr

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Heather Tallchief escaped from the USA with the man she loved and $2.5 million that didn't belong to her. She must have been on an incredible high. However, the buzz didn't last long.

Soon after she and Roberto Solanis landed in Amsterdam to start their new life together, her lover vanished with the loot. Read Heather's incredible story and many more in Fugitives, a book that explores the realities of life on the run from the perspective of the world's Most Wanted.

British Fugitives including Mary Queen of Scots and Lord Lucan
Terrorists including Osama Bin Laden
War Criminals including Josef Mengele and Radovan Karodic
Gangsters including Bonnie and Clyde and John Dillinger
Crooks and Conmen including Casanova and Frank Abnagale Jr
Killers including Charles Starkweather and Ted Bundy
Wild West including Billy the Kid and Butch Cassidy
also Politicians, Fugitives from Slavery and Prisoners of War

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