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Fundamentals of Tai Chi Chuan - Wen-Shan Huang

Fundamentals of Tai Chi Chuan - Wen-Shan Huang

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 "Fundamentals of Tai Chi Chuan" by Wen-Shan Huang is a comprehensive guide to the principles and practice of Tai Chi Chuan, a traditional Chinese martial art known for its health benefits and meditative qualities.

The book covers the basic movements, techniques, and philosophies underlying Tai Chi, emphasizing the importance of balance, relaxation, and the flow of energy (qi). 

Huang provides detailed instructions and illustrations to help practitioners develop proper form and deepen their understanding of Tai Chi's physical and mental aspects. This work is valuable for beginners seeking to learn the fundamentals and for advanced practitioners looking to refine their skills.

Includes 'The Art of Glowing Health' drawn from the widsom of Taoism, Sennism, and Acupuncture of China
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