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Future / Memory: Street culture & Contemporary Art

Future / Memory: Street culture & Contemporary Art

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SuperBlast currated an exhibition with: VBoogie, Martha Cooper, Horfee, Cody Hudson, HuskMitNavyn, Cleon Peterson, Jay One Ramier, SKKI, SuperBlast.

An innovative dialogue between street culture and contemporary art featuring some of the most internationally renowned artists and photographers.

Future/Memory is a book about the exhibition with the same name, organized in Dresden, Germany at HELLE- RAU – European Center for the Arts Dresden, during the summer of 2013. Future/Memory shows the nature of the work of artists like Boogie, Martha Cooper, Cody Hudson and Horfée – artists that all stems from, and get their inspiration from street culture and urban environment.

Wasted objects in the street are turned into sculptures; images of children playing in the Bronx are transformed into timeless testimonies of the 1980s. Graffiti is convert- ed into abstract and conceptual art, and a blank wooden wall becomes a contemporary vision of an archaic altar.

Future/Memory condenses images of the past and the future taken from human urban surroundings and enlightens the importance of the artistic dialogues, their gestures and energy of street life. The artists featured in Future/Memory are Boogie, Martha Cooper, Horfée, Cody Hudson, HuskMitNavn, Cleon Peterson, Jay “One” Ramier, Skki and SuperBlast.

SuperBlast discovered the sparkling world of graffiti writing in 1989. It opened up a whole new universe to him which led to a very personal style, tinted by Hip Hop, Punk Rock and Skateboard culture. He creates artwork themed around psychological archetypes, fictional mythologies and his personal utopia.

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