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Getting Away With Murder - Duncan McNab

Getting Away With Murder - Duncan McNab

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Sydney's shame: Up to 80 men murdered, 30 cases remain unsolved.

From 1977 to the end of 1986, Duncan McNab was a member of the NSW Police Force. Most of his service was in criminal investigation. The many unsolved deaths and disappearances of young gay men are the crimes that continue to haunt him.

Around 80 men died or disappeared in NSW from the late 70s to early 90s during an epidemic of gay-hate crimes. The line between a vicious assault and murder is a slender one and this was a time of brutal attacks on gay men, featuring gangs of young thugs like the 'Parkside Killers' and 'Bondi Boys', who took to the growing gay rights community with fists and feet.

Even more troubling are incidents in which gay men disappeared and have never been found, or where deaths were initially dismissed by the NSW Police as either misadventure or suicide. We now know that a number of these men were hunted down by gangs and thrown over beachside cliffs near the nation’s top tourist spots.

Investigation of crimes against gay men wasn’t always high on the list of priorities for the police and over twenty years later they are still slow to come to grips with their own dismal track record. The families of the victims, and some journalists, have not given up and continue to push the NSW Police Force for more answers.

This book is the story of a unique time in our history when social change, politics, devastating disease and police culture collided, and you could literally get away with murder.

McNab is a former police detective who has worked in law enforcement and investigative journalism for over thirty years. He is also the author of several other true crime books, including "The Snapshot Killer," "Roger Rogerson," and "Outlaw Bikers in Australia."

Born and raised in Scotland, McNab began his career in law enforcement as a cadet with the New South Wales Police Force in 1976. He worked his way up through the ranks, eventually becoming a detective and serving in a number of high-profile cases, including the investigation into the backpacker murders in the 1990s. After leaving the police force, McNab turned to investigative journalism, writing for publications such as The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian.

McNab's books are characterized by their meticulous research and attention to detail, as well as their ability to tell compelling stories about some of the most notorious criminals in Australian history. In "Getting Away with Murder," McNab examines cases in which individuals have been able to escape prosecution for their crimes, either through technicalities in the legal system or through corruption and manipulation. The book offers a sobering and often disturbing look at the failures of the criminal justice system, and the challenges that law enforcement officials face in bringing criminals to justice.

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