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God Drives a Flying Saucer - R.L. Dione

God Drives a Flying Saucer - R.L. Dione

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The material in this book is not a theory based on some sort of mystical revelation or metaphysical hunch, but rather as a collection of pure, hard facts - facts based on statistical evidence, which along with some elementary logic, lead to the following startling conclusions:-Flying saucers are not only real, but closely associated with the Christian religion...-

Flying saucers visited the earth during biblical times, and even before...-Flying saucer occupants are responsible for the scriptures, prophecies, and miracles of the Christian religion...-God is not supernatural, but rather supertechnological, and is capable of all acts and all characteristics hitherto attributed to miraculous powers. That God created man in his image is not a myth or a parable. For God, while humanoid, is nevertheless immortal through technology.Unlike our ancestors, we no longer believe that the earth is the center of the whole universe.

If we willingly accept that our world is just a tiny speck in the boundless infinity of space, then how can we bo so arrogant as to presume that we are the only intelligent lifeform?In "God Drives a Flying Saucer," the brilliant R.L. Dione sets out an unparalleled inventory of facts that should make the toughest skeptic take another look at his convictions - facts that not only argue forcibly in favor of the existence of lifeforms more technologically and spiritually advanced than man, but also lend conclusive evidence to a connection between Christianity and our uninvited visitors from outer space.

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