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Gods and Spacemen in Greece and Rome - W. Raymond Drake

Gods and Spacemen in Greece and Rome - W. Raymond Drake

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The greatest writers of antiquity agree that there was once a wonderful "Golden Age" on Earth, ruled by "gods." But it was destroyed by wars and cataclysm.

Research into the classics reveals how the Greek gods helped Athens defeat the invading armies of Atlantis in 10,000 B.C. The literature of ancient Greece shows reverence for the gods who intervened at Marathon and Salamis, sending flying shields to aid Alexander the Great at Tyre.

The magic land of Italy still dreams of the Age of Saturn and the godly voices and apparitions that manifested. Near Troy, a UFO saved the army of Lucullus from destruction. Omens from the sky foretold the murder of Caesar. Men in White watched from the heavens as Hannibal ravaged Rome.

Surely these and other "supernatural" phenomena add up to real evidence that a race with advanced knowledge was at work in the classical world. Here, the father of Ancient Astronaut theory, W. Raymond Drake, presents the evidence.
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