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Immortal Longings - Stephen Findlay

Immortal Longings - Stephen Findlay

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This is, so far as we are aware, the only comprehensive book yet written, in the light of modern scientific knowledge and parapsychological investigation, on the topic "Is personal survival after death a reality or a myth?" Mr. Findlay first examines the bases for the Christian belief in immortality, and for what is above all crucial to it, namely a belief in the bodily Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The question of reincarnation is next investigated: then the evidence of mystical experience: and finally, for this section, a varied series of philosophical arguments, ranging from the classical

All this is of great interest: but, for most readers, the real excitement of the book will lie in the next four chapters, occupying a full half of it or more, and dealing with the evidence of psychical research-physical and mental "phenomena", telep-athy, clairvoyance, extra-sensory perception, precognition and "out-of-time"

ехperiences. There can be few, if any, whom this part of the investigation will fail to fascinate: and the best chapters of all—the most detailed, searching and subtle-are the two that deal with precognition-with the evidence for it, and with its implications,

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