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Jerk Store #6

Jerk Store #6

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Jerk Store is a punk rock music fanzine from Cardiff, South Wales in the UK.

For its first four issues, this fanzine was called Black Lesbian President.

The first issue of Jerk Store was written during the summer of 2006, first available that August. Subsequent issues have been released approximately every six months since then.

"Formerly Black Lesbian President, this zine left quite an impression on me. It’s very uncommon for me to read an entire zine front to back, but I just couldn’t help it with this one. It featured interviews with bands I was familiar with (Party Garbage, Get Bent, Dear Landlord, Lucero) and some I wasn’t (Abortions, Cold Ones), but I still read them all. Even the interview that was done via email was edited so well that I felt like I was reading a conversation and not an email, which matters! It’s also great to read Jerk Store’s record reviews because he picks up a lot of badass records, so rather than giving a damn about every fifth record review, I was curious about his opinion on almost all of them. While some may think that this zine is laid out in a boring, artless manner, I believe the consistency, the placement of the images (as well as the no-frills but practical Photoshopping for photocopying), and directness of the content stands for more than a barbed wire border or ransom font title ever will. The only thing I can’t get over is that he got his hands on a copy of Career Suicide’s Cherry Beach 7”. When’s #6 coming out?"- Review of issue five taken from Razorcake #50

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