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John Waters - Desperate Living

John Waters - Desperate Living

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"Desperate Living" is a 1977 film directed by John Waters. It's another one of his works that falls into the category of transgressive cinema and is known for its darkly comedic and provocative themes. Here's more information about "Desperate Living":

**Plot**: "Desperate Living" is set in a fictional, grotesque, and nightmarish town called Mortville. The film follows the misadventures of Peggy Gravel (played by Mink Stole) and Grizelda Brown (played by Jean Hill), who have been forced to flee their homes due to various criminal activities. They end up in Mortville, a haven for societal outcasts and misfits, and become embroiled in the bizarre and often violent events of the town.

**Cast**: The film features a cast of John Waters' regulars, including Mink Stole, Jean Hill, Edith Massey, and others.

**Themes**: Like many of John Waters' films, "Desperate Living" explores themes of deviance, sexuality, and the celebration of non-conformity. It's a darkly satirical take on suburban life and societal norms.

"Desperate Living" is known for its extreme and often shocking content, even by John Waters' standards. It's a film that revels in its own absurdity and grotesqueness. While not as well-known as some of his other works like "Pink Flamingos" or "Hairspray," "Desperate Living" has its own dedicated following within the world of underground and cult cinema. It's a prime example of Waters' unique and subversive style.
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