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John Waters - Hairspray

John Waters - Hairspray

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"Hairspray" is a 1988 musical comedy film directed by John Waters. It stands out in John Waters' filmography as a more mainstream and accessible work compared to some of his earlier transgressive and controversial films. Here's more information about "Hairspray":

**Plot**: "Hairspray" is set in 1962 Baltimore and centers around Tracy Turnblad, a teenager played by Ricki Lake, who dreams of dancing on a local TV dance program called "The Corny Collins Show." Tracy is determined to break the racial segregation that exists on the show and promotes integration and equality. The film explores themes of racial discrimination, body image, and acceptance, all against the backdrop of the vibrant and colorful 1960s music and dance scene.

**Cast**: The film features a cast of both seasoned actors and newcomers, including Divine, Debbie Harry, Sonny Bono, and others. Divine, a longtime collaborator of John Waters, plays two roles in the film, including Tracy's mother.

**Themes**: "Hairspray" is notable for addressing social issues such as racial segregation and body positivity with a sense of humor and joy. While it maintains John Waters' irreverent style, it does so in a more mainstream and family-friendly way compared to some of his earlier works.

"Hairspray" was adapted into a successful Broadway musical in 2002, and in 2007, it was further adapted into a musical film of the same name, starring John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer, and others.

The 1988 version of "Hairspray" remains a beloved cult classic and is recognized for its catchy music, positive message, and the way it blends John Waters' unique sensibilities with more mainstream appeal. It marked a departure from Waters' earlier works and introduced his style to a broader audience.

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