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Johnny America 7

Johnny America 7

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Johnny America is a large rabbit who lives in a bungalow on the Moon between two rivers of wine (one red, one white). He is the also namesake of this website of fiction, humor, and other miscellany and of the Johnny America print ’zine that’s published sporadically by the Moon Rabbit Drinking Club & Benevolence Society.

Johnny America spends most of his days lounging against a low crater, fishing rod in paw. Some afternoons he helps plow the cheese fields — to earn extra money for carrots — but usually he’s in the valley cut by the Mercer and Mancini Rivers, idling. The fish on the Moon are constantly drunk and easy to catch. They look almost exactly like bass but taste of marmalade and cinnamon.

The website is updated with a new story every-other Friday. The print ’zine is a far more irregular affair, with some volumes issued months and others years apart. We approach each print edition as a mix-tape, pairing select stories from the website we think fit well together with print-exclusive tidbits —  think mini-zines, mazes , or glow-in-the dark bookmarks.

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