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Killer Kids - Chris Linedecker

Killer Kids - Chris Linedecker

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From grisly crime scenes to tense courtroom dramas, this book goes behind closed doors to unravel the truth behind ten of the world's most sensational cases. Cases such as the killing of Nancy Knuckles, who for years terrorised her four children with religious fanaticism, beatings and psychological torture- until they finally rebelled. Susan Cabot was a beautiful B-movie queen and obsessive mother.

Her son Tim, born a dwarf, was pumped full of experimental drugs extracted from cadavers to increase his height. But, when the film star's beaten body was discovered in her Hollywood home, little Tommy's story didn't add up. Nothing was too good for precious Katy - sports cars, jewellery, designer clothes. Her father a successful Florida businessman, could not resist any of her whims. But when he tried to curb her fast-lane lifestyle, she had him shot through the head while he slept.

The author also wrote "Nightstalker".

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