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Know Your PSI-Q - Carl Sargent & Hans J. Eysenck

Know Your PSI-Q - Carl Sargent & Hans J. Eysenck

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Do you have psychic powers?

Do you sense the unseen?

Do you imagine events before they happen?

For the first time KNOW YOUR OWN PSI-Q gives you the key to the mysterious world of psychic energy.

Start with the self-testing questionnaire to find out whether your personality indicates receptivity to Psi forces. Then proceed to the simple games which require nothing more than a dice and a pack of cards...soon you will have a complete profile of the hidden psychic powers of your mind.

Research into parapsychology has rapidly progressed in recent years and scientists have now formulated many new ways of measuring psychic effects. The tests and exercises included in this book are based on laboratory experiments carried out by the leading experts in the field.

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