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La Lucha: The Story Of Lucha Castro... - John Sack

La Lucha: The Story Of Lucha Castro... - John Sack

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Striking work of visual journalism tells the story of a front-line human rights defender, fighting murderous impunity in the Mexican borderlands

The Mexican border state of Chihuahua and its city Juarez have become internationally notorious for violence, as drug cartel battles and official corruption have colluded to produce more murders annually than in war-torn Afghanistan. Ninety-seven percent of the killings in Juarez remain unsolved, contributing to a culture of impunity for perpetrators. In the midst of this climate of fear, a small group of human rights activists, exemplified by the Chihuahua lawyer and organizer Lucha Castro, continue to point fingers at the killers and their official enablers.

This is the story this book tells, rendering in graphic detail the stories of families ripped apart by disappearances and murders - especially gender-based violence - and the remarkably brave advocacy, protests, and investigations of ordinary citizens who turned their grief into resistance.

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