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Legend - The Secret World of LHA - Edward Jay Epstein

Legend - The Secret World of LHA - Edward Jay Epstein

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The endless tangle of questions about bullets, trajectories, wounds, time sequences & inconsistent testimony that's surrounded the JFK assassination & has fascinated generations of self-styled investigators, probably never will be satisfactorily resolved. Each new release of documents from the various bureaucracies involved in the half century old investigation may only deepen apparent contradictions.

Within this morass of facts. however, there's a central actor, Lee Harvey Oswald. His rifle, which fired the fatal bullet, was found in the Book Depository. So was his palm print. He'd bought the ammunition. His cartridge cases were found near the body of a murdered policeman on the route of his flight.

In light of the evidence, the issue that ought to have concerned people wasn't Oswald's technical guilt but whether he was involved with others. He wasn't a loner. Ever since he was handed a pamphlet about the Rosenbergs at age 15, he was a joiner, seeking affiliations with groups at home & abroad. At 16 he wrote the SP "I am a Marxist & have been studying Socialist Principles for well over 5 years" requesting information about joining their Youth League. 

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