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Lost Worlds - Robert Cahrroux

Lost Worlds - Robert Cahrroux

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Robert Charroux shares with Erich von Daniken an international reputation as one of the pioneers in the reinterpretation of ancient civilisations.

He has over two million readers in Europe and America alone, and special societies study his work in countries as far apart as Canada, Peru and France. In Lost Worlds Robert Charroux brings together the investigations of a life-time spent in travelling from Bolivia to Easter Island, from Egypt to India, from Mexico to Libya in search of the Scientific Secrets of the Ancients.

In Lost Worlds Robert Charroux shows not only that the scientific wonders of the twentieth century have been known to men for thousands of years, but that there still exists a super-sociehoitmasters who retain contact with a handful of human initiates.
Truth is indeed stranger than fiction, as Robert Charroux demonstrates in page after page: A hundred thousand years ago men successfully performed heart transplants. In Brazil there is an electric lamp made out of rock that has shone for centuries. • At Plouezoch in France there is a pyramid the size of a cathedral.

The ancient Egyptians designed and built a plasma generator. These - and many more - are the Scientific Secrets of the Ancients that Robert Charroux Lost Worlds.

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