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Mass Murderers - Rose G. Maselberg

Mass Murderers - Rose G. Maselberg

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COULD YOU BE THEIR NEXT VICTIM? It was an ordinary day in the physics department of the University of Iowa when crazed graduate student Gang Lu burst in and murdered five innocent people. On a quiet morning in Killeen, Texas, forty-six unsuspecting men and women were gunned down when George Hennard drove his truck through the window of Luby's Cafeteria and began shooting.

Now, from the authentic files of TRUE DETECTIVE, America's premier true crime magazine, here are twenty-five dramatic accounts of mass murderers, the most dangerous criminals in our midst. Without warning, often for no reason at all, these killers explode into savage violence to massacre scores of innocent people. No one can predict when or where they will strike. Post offices, fast-food restaurants, playgrounds, schools, arenas, highways--no place is safe from the lethal rage of... MASS MURDERERS

Small tear at bottom of spine. 

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