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Methods Of Disguise: Second Edition - John Sample

Methods Of Disguise: Second Edition - John Sample

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John Sample's Methods of Disguise is an easy-to-follow guide which includes over 130 detailed illustrations, as well as sources for makeup, uniforms, shoe lifts, badges and ID cards, contact lenses, prostheses, skin tanning preparations, fake tattoos, transvestite supplies, voice changing devices, wigs and hairpieces, and much more.

Whether you are an actor, an undercover cop, a gambler, an armed robber, a fugitive, a con man, a practical joker, or a host for a costume party, this book will show you how to change yourself so completely that even old friends won't recognise you!

This second edition of "Methods of Disguise" expands upon the original material with updated content, new case studies, and advancements in disguise technology. Sample's expertise and attention to detail make the book an indispensable resource for professionals in intelligence agencies, law enforcement, actors, or individuals interested in the art of disguise.

Book has significant highlighting and shows minimal signs of wear. 

Please note that this product is intended for entertainment purposes and should not be taken as a matter of utmost seriousness. It serves as an engaging guide for individuals with an interest in unconventional lifestyle that lies beyond the boundaries of societal norms. It is important to clarify that Rumor Books neither endorses nor supports the violation of any legal statutes, and we strongly discourage individuals from engaging in any unlawful activities. We absolve ourselves of any responsibility for the consequences arising from the actions or decisions made by individuals based on the information provided within this product.

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