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Mieko Kawakami - Breasts And Eggs

Mieko Kawakami - Breasts And Eggs

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"Breasts and Eggs" is a novel by Mieko Kawakami, originally published in Japanese in 2008 as "Chichi to Ran" and later translated into English by Sam Bett and David Boyd in 2020. The novel explores themes of womanhood, identity, family, and societal expectations.

The story is divided into two parts:

1. **Breasts**:
In the first part of the novel, the protagonist, Natsuko Natsume, is a struggling writer living in Tokyo. She grapples with questions about her identity and womanhood, particularly regarding her own desires and the pressure society places on women to conform to certain expectations. She's also contemplating the idea of undergoing breast enhancement surgery.

2. **Eggs**:
The second part of the novel shifts focus to Natsuko's older sister, Makiko, who is considering the possibility of having a child through artificial insemination. This section delves into themes of motherhood, family dynamics, and the challenges faced by women who choose non-traditional paths to parenthood.

Mieko Kawakami's "Breasts and Eggs" is a thought-provoking exploration of the complexities of modern womanhood in Japan. It delves into the societal pressures, personal choices, and internal struggles that women face as they navigate their identities and relationships. The novel has received critical acclaim for its compelling characters and its ability to capture the nuances of contemporary Japanese society. It's a reflection on the intersection of the personal and the social in the lives of its characters.

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