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More About Life In The Unseen World - Anthony Borgia

More About Life In The Unseen World - Anthony Borgia

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The book is purportedly a series of messages from a deceased spirit named Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, who communicates with the living through the mediumship of a person named Anthony Borgia. The book describes Benson's experiences in the afterlife, providing insights into the nature of the spirit world and the journey of the soul after death. Benson describes the various realms of the afterlife, the activities of spirits, and the process of spiritual evolution. According to Benson, the spirit world is not a place of punishment or reward, but rather a continuation of the soul's journey towards enlightenment. Spirits have free will and are responsible for their own development, with the assistance of more advanced spirits who act as guides and mentors. The book also explores the concept of reincarnation, with Benson explaining that souls are reincarnated multiple times to gain different experiences and to continue their spiritual evolution. While the book's claims about the afterlife cannot be scientifically verified, it has been widely read and discussed within spiritual and metaphysical communities. The book's message of spiritual growth and the continuation of life beyond death has been comforting to many readers.

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