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Murder, America - Jay Robert Nash

Murder, America - Jay Robert Nash

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Here is a comprehensive collection of the most fascinating homicide cases in our nation's history. Jay Robert Nash brings the dark side of America to life in these briefs. Included are the most ingenious and the most notorious murders, perpetrated by a group of criminals of frightening and fascinating variety: Warren Waite, who tried to murder his way to an inheritance by spraying his mother-in-law with diphtheria, typhoid, and influenza germs; Arthur Perry, who committed the near perfect of his unsuspecting wife in 1938; and finally the vile maniac, John Wayne Gacy.

Fortunately, many of these killers met their matches in brilliant and dedicated policemen, newspaper reporters, and even the occasional amateur detective.

These are the heroes of history: the famed New York Inspector Thomas Brynes who cracked the most puzzling slayings of his day; the matronly Ethel Berman who relentlessly pursued her homicidal neighbor. And then there is that most bizarre case of the super-cop Robert John Erler, who, unbelievably worked on the cases of murders he himself committed.

Examining the killings for every conceivable motive, Jay Robert Nash captures in his colorful prose all the strange, poignant, and terrifying facets of his endless intriguing subject. Through his exhaustive research and investigation, and with a remarkable collection of prints and photos, Nash has created the definitive exploration of this most dastardly of crimes.

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