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My Bodhi Tree: Prison Diaries From A Chinese Gulag - Zhang Xianliang

My Bodhi Tree: Prison Diaries From A Chinese Gulag - Zhang Xianliang

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"My Bodhi Tree: Prison Diaries of a Chinese Dissident" by Zhang Xianliang is a powerful and candid account of the author's experiences as a political prisoner during China's Cultural Revolution. Zhang Xianliang was a prominent Chinese writer and poet who was imprisoned for his dissenting views and literary activities.

In this memoir, Zhang Xianliang reflects on his time in a Chinese labor camp, providing intimate and introspective diary entries that capture the harsh realities of imprisonment and the struggle for survival. The title "My Bodhi Tree" symbolizes the author's spiritual journey and quest for enlightenment amid adversity.

Through poignant prose, Zhang Xianliang describes the physical and psychological toll of forced labor, ideological indoctrination, and isolation. He confronts themes of injustice, resilience, and personal transformation, offering a rare glimpse into the human cost of political repression in China.

"My Bodhi Tree" is a testament to the enduring power of literature and self-discovery in the face of oppression. Zhang Xianliang's memoir resonates with universal themes of hope, endurance, and the pursuit of inner freedom, making it a compelling read for anyone interested in the human experience under authoritarian regimes and the indomitable spirit of dissent.
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