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My Life With Edgar Cayce - Will Oursler & David E. Kahn

My Life With Edgar Cayce - Will Oursler & David E. Kahn

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This eye opening book gives depth and new dimension to the portrait of my father, Edgar Cayce. This book is based on a large number of Dave's personal readings from Edgar Cayce which have never before been publicised and on years of close friendship. My earliest childhood memories include Dave's visits to our home, telephone calls and letters which encouraged and stimulated my father. I saw this friendship deepen and grow during the difficult days of their oil speculation in Texas where I traveled with them one summer during my early teens.

Dave throws new light on those years. Through his friend, Dad received requests for readings from executive salesmen and tycoons of industry, as well as from elevator boys and stenographers. Wherever Dave saw a need he suggested that the person seek a reading. He became indirectly responsible for several thousand readings. Some of the most unusual and helpful psychic information ever given by Edgar Cayce came as a result of this life-long friendship. I suspect readers will find this story strange and fascinating. -Hugh Lynn Cayce

A biographical account of American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce and his relationship with his close friend and early supporter David E. Kahn. The two men had a fascinating friendship, and one that was of mutual admiration and encouragement; just as Kahn consulted Cayce on important decisions throughout his life, Cacye's interest in consciousness expansion was similarly fuelled by his friend's involved questions.



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