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Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon - Don Wilson

Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon - Don Wilson

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Now the crucial missing link in the chain of evidence of "Chariots of the Gods"? Complete with startling official NASA revelations that the moon may be a spaceship from other worlds!

Rocks on the Moon brought back by astronauts are older than our Solar System-why?

What are the strange lights moving over the Moon’s surface that many respected astronomers have observed?

How could American astronauts have seen strange structures and tracks on the Moon where no man could possibly have been before?

Why were American lunar expeditions followed by UFOs(Unidentified Flying Objects)?

What is the proof that the Moon is indeed hollow?

These are just some of the disturbing questions posed in this groundbreaking investigation of the

astonishing new facts, brought to light by recent scientific investigation, about our nearest space - neighbour.

Since human life began on Earth, men have stood in awe of the Moon and its magic. But now, for the first time, we may be learning the truth about our satellite - a truth beyond man’s wildest previous imaginings, a truth that day by day becomes more and more undeniably clear...

Books has small signs of wear. 

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