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Preacher Of Death - Martin King

Preacher Of Death - Martin King

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"He called himself the Son of God, he led his followers into darkness..."

Television reporter Martin King is the only journalist who spent time with David Koresh in the Waco compound. In this amazing first-hand account, King tells how Vernon Howell - a ninth-grade dropout - became David Koresh, leader of the Branch Davidians, a religious cult that unquestioningly supplied him with money, arms and under-age girls who became his 'wives'.

The book also reveals the rise and fall of David Koresh through the eyes of his right-hand man, Marc Breault. With growing horror Breault watched the child-beatings, sexual excesses and strange forms of punishment instigated by the possessed preacher. After escaping the cult and fleeing to Australia, Breault appealed to the authorities for help, but his efforts to warn people of the time bomb that was ticking away at Waco were to no avail. Here, together with Martin King, he reveals the terrible truth about the man who believed he was the Son of God.
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