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Problems And Solutions A Guide To Psychotherapy For The Beginning Psychotherapist - Martin Kantor

Problems And Solutions A Guide To Psychotherapy For The Beginning Psychotherapist - Martin Kantor

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Problems and Solutions is a concise guide for beginning psychotherapists who have mastered basic theory and technique and are now preparing to run psychotherapy sessions. It has one simple premise: a direct and clear therapist will have a more positive impact on a patient. Finding that equilibrium between theory and practice, Martin Kantor uses a practical no-nonsense approach to identify specific therapeutic problems and offer effective, doable solutions. Problems are those faced by all therapists and solutions, while very specific, are not bound to any particular school of thought and easily adaptable to different psychotherapies. Word-by-word emphasis is placed on what to say as well as what not to say. Specific guidance is given on handling symptoms such as delusions, hallucinations, and obsessions. Geared to beginning psychotherapists, Problems and Solutions also offers the advanced therapist an opportunity to reflect on his/her ingrained notions and habits.

With more than twenty years of experience in training psychotherapists, Dr. Kantor has written a guide that is both unique and inviting. He offers problem/solution guidance in an elementary and concrete form. His intent is the development of a therapy technique which is direct, open, and understandable. Kantor covers: patient selection, disorder detection and diagnosis, treatment goals, advantages and disadvantages of different treatment modes, technical proficiency, long term therapy, defense mechanisms, transference and countertransference. He also gives extensive attention to the avoidance of common therapeutic errors and the treatment of special situations, such as schizophrenia, specific age groups, and symptoms with a physical caste. Time is also given to basic questions such as the length and frequency of sessions, fees, and office appearance.

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