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Public Enemies: The Gangster Movie A-Z - James Mottram

Public Enemies: The Gangster Movie A-Z - James Mottram

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"Public Enemies: The Gangster Movie A-Z" is a book written by James Mottram. Published in 2019, the book is a comprehensive guide that explores the history of gangster movies. From the silent era to contemporary cinema, "Public Enemies" provides an in-depth analysis of various gangster films, highlighting their impact on popular culture and the evolution of the genre over the years.

The book covers iconic gangster movies and legendary actors, directors, and producers associated with the genre. It delves into the themes, styles, and influences that have shaped gangster cinema, making it a valuable resource for film enthusiasts and scholars interested in crime films and their cultural significance.

"Public Enemies: The Gangster Movie A-Z" offers readers an engaging journey through the world of gangster movies, celebrating the timeless classics and hidden gems that have captivated audiences for generations.
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