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Robert Silverberg - The Masks Of Time

Robert Silverberg - The Masks Of Time

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"The Masks of Time" by Robert Silverberg is a science fiction novel that explores themes of time travel, identity, and destiny. The story follows Vornan-19, a member of the Chronotic Patrol, an organization tasked with maintaining the integrity of the time stream.

As Vornan-19 travels through various eras of human history, he encounters enigmatic beings known as the Maskers, who possess advanced technology and manipulate time for their own purposes. As Vornan-19 delves deeper into the mystery of the Maskers and their connection to human civilization, he grapples with questions of identity and the nature of free will.

"The Masks of Time" is a thought-provoking and immersive exploration of time travel and its implications for humanity. Silverberg's masterful storytelling and intricate world-building make this novel a captivating read for fans of science fiction and speculative fiction alike. Prepare to be transported to distant epochs and ponder the mysteries of time itself in "The Masks of Time."

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