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Sandwich 1

Sandwich 1

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Sitting at the centre of food culture, Sandwich is a global food platform like no other. Amazing layouts showcase the ridge where graphic design and photography meet. All based around our love for the hand held delight that is the sandy.  

Don't read while baked. 

The debut issue ‘The BLT’, includes stories of lettuce-growing in space to documenting what happens in the clean-up of the infamous tomato smashing ‘La Tomatina’ festival.

Sandwich issue 1 features the following fillings:

The Life-Enchancing Quality Of Bread As Seen Through 5 Bakeries

Bread is life. It’s one of the cornerstones of civilization. The term “making dough” derives from bread, because to earn one’s living is to earn one’s bread.

A Swift Dispatch On The Future Of Lettuce

On 8 May 2014 a crop of red romaine lettuce (Outredgeous) flew in space as the first veggie unit of NASAVeg-01A. This was the beginning of a project to grow vegetables in space.

The Perfect Sandwich #1

Max Halley is proprietor of Max’s Sandwich Shop, North London, and author of ‘Max’s Sandwich Book: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Perfection Between Two Slices of Bread.’

Why The B.L.T. Is The Greatest Sandwich In The World

That first bite was a revelation. It was like hearing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ for the first time. That combination of salt, fat and crunch was an irresistible compression of flavors.

Not Only Can You Touch This Artwork, You Can Eat It Too

Inês Neto dos Santos is a multidisciplinary artist who was born in Lisbon, is now based in London, and travels across the globe with her fascinating and unique project.

On The Strange Appeal And Political Iconography Of Spam

My unease around Spam began in the first decade of my life, when mass-produced meat of uncertain provenance caused widespread panic.

Who Cleans Up After The Tomato Smashing Festival?

At the beginning of Lynne Ramsay’s 2008 film, We Need to Talk About Kevin, Tilda Swinton’s character, a harried mother who may have given birth to a devil child, is seen rising up from a cascade of ripe, red tomatoes.

A Riposte To Anyone Who Thinks That The Art Of Butchery Is Entirely Dominated By Men

I did not expect to be so gripped by stories from the butcher’s counter. But listening to the stories of three female butchers, Charlotte Mitchell, Jessica Wragg, and Tilly Paul, it became clear how acutely modern anxieties intersect…

Founded in 2018, Sandwich uses the often overlooked but universally beloved culinary creation, the sandwich, to champion the connecting power of food.

Delivered through cultural reporting, photo essays, and interviews on the most surprising and creative corners of the food world at large.

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