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Secret Sixes: Subliminal Imbeds In The Movies

Secret Sixes: Subliminal Imbeds In The Movies

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An oddball video relic from the Satanic Panic era featuring a man who is convinced sixes are hidden everywhere in major motions pictures.

In this shocking exposé, prophecy figure James Lloyd convincingly demonstrates how major motion picture producers, writers, and directors are secretly placing 666 Subliminal Imbeds in their movies. 666, that notorious number described as the Mark of the Beast in the book of Revelation, has now been detected in over ONE HUNDRED movie scenes. These secretly placed subliminal messages are in films of every genre: These films include Comedies, Science Fiction, Classics, and even TV Series and Commercials.

Examples of all of these are included in Secret Sixes: Subliminal Imbeds In The Movies. In this program, James Lloyd shows actual 666 Imbeds that were retrieved from well known movies including the following films: - And Dozens More!

The American President Englishman Who Went Up A H Apollo 13 Eraser Back To The Future Flatliners Born On The 4th Of July The Getaway City Hall Goldeneye Clear & Present Danger Hunt For Red October Courage Under Fire Interview With The Vampire Die Hard Ill In The Line Of Fire Disclosure Mission Impossible The Doors The Rock

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