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Shaun Hutson - The Abduction, The Visitation, Come The Night

Shaun Hutson - The Abduction, The Visitation, Come The Night

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"The Abduction," "The Visitation," and "Come the Night" are three horror novels written by Shaun Hutson. These books showcase Hutson's talent for crafting gripping and suspenseful narratives filled with terror and supernatural elements.

In "The Abduction," readers are taken on a harrowing journey as a young woman is abducted by a sadistic killer. As she fights for her survival, she discovers a sinister conspiracy that goes beyond her captor, leading her to confront unimaginable horrors.

"The Visitation" delves into the realm of supernatural horror. When a series of inexplicable and terrifying events occur in a small town, a skeptical journalist investigates, only to be confronted by forces beyond human understanding.

"Come the Night" explores the theme of vampirism. As a young man is drawn into a dangerous world of bloodthirsty creatures, he must navigate through a web of betrayal, secrets, and ancient evil in a fight for his own survival and the fate of humanity.

Hutson's writing style is known for its gritty realism, explicit violence, and fast-paced storytelling. He weaves intricate plots filled with tension and suspense, keeping readers engaged and on the edge of their seats.

These three novels showcase Hutson's ability to tap into primal fears and deliver intense and chilling horror. With a blend of psychological terror, supernatural elements, and visceral thrills, Hutson invites readers into a world where the darkest forces lurk just beneath the surface of everyday life.

Some wear to the cover. 

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